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A Tripawd Kitty Dreaming of World Domination

A Tripod Kitty Dreaming of becoming a Cyborg!

IMAG0068 So, Boychild, whom Ian Fluffypaws adores with all his kitty being, saved all his money, did all his chores, waited patiently, and finally acquired the long awaited Titanfall. I think I mentioned a in my first post that one of Ian’s favorite activities is to play video games. We aren’t kidding here. This kitty loves to sit in Boychild’s lap and watch the flickering screen. Oddly, Ian does not enjoy any other television, just video games, and just video games with his boy. Girlchild can play one of her games (she is a huge Frogger fanatic), and Ian is nowhere to be found, but Boychild breaks out one of his games, and Ian is right there, in his lap, ready to play! Next post I will have to introduce the rest of the furry family. We are blessed with 4 rescue kitties (1 Tripaw, 1 deaf, 1 feral, 1 “normal”), 2 rescue Great Pyrenees, and 2 frogs. Yes, I will even tell you about our frogs, they are now five years old (who knew frogs lived so long!???)

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A Tripawd Kitty dreaming of becoming a real boy….

IMAG0337 Ahhhhh….Here we see Ian Fluffypaws stretched out to his full magnificent 14 pound glory! I think he is trying to consume Boychild’s soul here and become a real boy….but I could be wrong. It could just be a little love kiss.

We were initially worried about Ian’s size. He is heavy for a Tripaw. As all Tripaw parents know, keeping their weight in check is critical for the health of their remaining joints. When we received Ian in that Parking Lot, I immediately noted that he was a very heavy cat. Our first order of business was to take him to the vet and get a thorough examination. We were thrilled to learn that he was perfectly sized. He is a very big boned and “thick” cat. Heavily muscled and strong, he doesn’t maneuver with grace through this world…he plows through it.

We work very hard to maintain his diet and exercise to ensure his joints remain healthy for as long as they can!

(not sure why the photo is like that….and I am not tech savvy enough to fix it, but if you click on the picture, I think it will pull it up so it won’t look on squished and you can see how LONG he is….weird….sorry! *hugs*)

Until next time!

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This is Ian Fluffypaws…..a tripawd kitty dreaming of being a unicorn

evil Ian

This is Ian Fluffypaws. Isn’t he just the most precious unikitty ever? He adores my son. We are sure it is a Stockholm Syndrome type situation.

Ian came to live with us about 4 years ago, and he is our 3rd tripaw. We are unsure of his complete history, as he was sent to live with us because we had experience with tripaws. The story we are given is that he was a 5 year old barn cat, when there was a “farm accident” with a tractor, or mower. He has a wonderful personality and they did not want to see him put to sleep, but they also knew that a farm cat without a back leg was not going to survive. So, friends of theirs knew friends of ours, and so he was handed off to us in a parking lot 4 years ago.

He has an amazing bond with our 13 year old son. Sleeps with him, studies with him, and plays video games with him. They are unbeatable on Halo. I will get a photo downloaded soon of him stretched out to his full 14 pound glory.

Before sweet Ian was Jhonie, our Greyhound…sweetest dog ever. I will save her for her own post. And before Jhonie was C.C. Another tripaw kitty that I hand raised and bottle fed from the day of her birth. I held that baby in my arms and heart until we lost her to a heart defect at age 15.

Until another post:
Ian’s doting mom:

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