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A Tripawd Kitty Dreaming of World Domination

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A Tripod Kitty Dreaming of becoming a Cyborg!

So, Boychild, whom Ian Fluffypaws adores with all his kitty being, saved all his money, did all his chores, waited patiently, and finally acquired the long awaited Titanfall. I think I mentioned a in my first post that one of Ian’s favorite activities is to play video games. We aren’t kidding here. This kitty loves […]

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A Tripawd Kitty dreaming of becoming a real boy….

Ahhhhh….Here we see Ian Fluffypaws stretched out to his full magnificent 14 pound glory! I think he is trying to consume Boychild’s soul here and become a real boy….but I could be wrong. It could just be a little love kiss. We were initially worried about Ian’s size. He is heavy for a Tripaw. As […]

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This is Ian Fluffypaws…..a tripawd kitty dreaming of being a unicorn

This is Ian Fluffypaws. Isn’t he just the most precious unikitty ever? He adores my son. We are sure it is a Stockholm Syndrome type situation. Ian came to live with us about 4 years ago, and he is our 3rd tripaw. We are unsure of his complete history, as he was sent to live […]

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Hello Tripawds!

Add an excerpt to your posts to provide a summary for readers in many blog themes!

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